22 September 2019

The Negative Ramifications of Heartbreak

42 Stories Anthology - Coming Soon!

30 January 2019

Needs Must

Dime Show Review Read Online

"I'm hungry."

03 October 2018


Literally Stories - Read Online

"When I was seven the world blew up."

02 September 2018


101Fiction - Read Online

"Night descended leisurely, but Jack felt little of its languid nature as his skin crawled and rippled."

29 July 2018

Hard to Move

Firewords - Buy in Print

“Wow, would you look at that view!” said Tom.  He looked down at the shimmering surface of the lake, the light dancing off ripples caused by any number of unseen creatures.

23 May 2018

Funnel Cake

Flash Fiction Magazine - Read Online

"'Ready to go, Slugger?'  He ruffles my hair, an unnatural move for him.  He's attempting to bond, to show camaraderie, to make up for the fact that every other moment of my life I don't exist."

02 May 2018

Bocce and Apple Crates

Digging Through the Fat - Read Online

"Tabitha stared blankly at the trees heavily laden with fruit ripe for the picking and groaned quietly to herself. "Nothing," she muttered, shaking her head."

14 February 2018

Lost and Found

Dragon Poet Review - Read Online (Page 172)

"Water ran down his back, down his legs, pooling on the floor beneath his shoes as Phillip struggled with whether it would be better to shake his umbrella out or just toss it on the floor..."

16 January 2018

Three Twenty

Medusa's Laugh Press - Buy in Print or Read Online

"'So are you going to go?' asked Shonna.  She stirred her coffee, forgetting that she hadn't added anything to it..."

22 October 2017

Red Did It

Dime Show Review - Read Online or Buy in Print

"She could smell him, lupine musk marking every branch, every leaf, every inch of the ground..."